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生產設備與技術 Equipment & Technology


本公司為擴大服務範圍,提升生產設備,以增進產品的品質,1997年自購廠房500坪生產前叉及車架料(抽管、異形管、車把手),GIANT運動車車架備料、TAPER彎管及抽管。我們於2003年於昆山成立了昆山兆豐金屬制品有限公司, 生產前叉及車架料(抽管、異形管、車把手),供應GP、GC、GEV及大上海地區廠商。 而台灣廠並於2011年遷廠至大甲幼獅工業區。

不斷的持續研發且提供更好的服務給客戶們是我們一貫的宗旨。我們提供更安全 更舒適 更輕量化的產品給我們的顧客,用於更高功能性的自行車, 在品質方面, 除了生產線規劃的合理性,同時也增加了各種檢測儀器,加強產品檢驗的控管,期待在我們的努力之下,能與客戶攜手並進,創造更美好的產業前景。



 Liang Feng Machine Co., Ltd. Established in 1991, specialized in all kinds of bicycle front and electric scooter front fork. The products including aluminum front fork, head shock front fork, Cr-Mo front fork, and ordinary bicycle front fork. The quality conforms to the international standard, and access to a variety of patents and certification.

To expand the scope of services, upgrade production facilities, to enhance the quality of the product. Since the 1997 purchase of 1652 m2 plant floor production front fork bone, rear fork bone and the frame material, GIANT sports bike frames preparation, TAPER pipe and pumping tube. We established in 2003 in Kunshan, KUNSHAN ZHAOFENG METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD.the production fork bone, rear fork bone frame materials, supplies GP, GC, GEV and the Greater Shanghai area vendors. Taiwan plant relocation in 2011 to Tachia Youth Industrial Park.

Continued research and development and continue to provide better service to customers is our principle. We provide a safer and more comfortable and more lightweight products to our customers for more functional bike, in terms of quality, in addition to production planning is reasonable, but also increased the variety of testing instruments, Strengthen the control product testing and look forward to our efforts, hand in hand with customers to create a better industry prospects. 

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